Good news for those that pre-ordered the 2022 Lexus ES

As early as June 2021, Lexus Philippines opened the order books for the refreshed ES sedan. It was surprising considering the model only debuted in April; most suspected it wouldn't arrive until early 2022. Now, we have some good news for customers that pre-ordered the luxury sedan – it will officially debut this September.

We're not too surprised it arrived here that fast. The ES is one of the best-selling models in Lexus Philippines' lineup, after all. With the sedan's longer wheelbase and extra rear legroom, it's been a staple choice for executives who prefer to be driven, not driving. With that, the automaker would want to launch it as soon as possible.

But what can customers expect from the 2022 ES? On the outside, it's hard to spot the changes unless you take a closer look. Lexus didn't make any dramatic changes with the vehicle overall. But at the front, the sedan gets a new grille with a revised pattern. There are also new headlights with an updated LED design.

Lexus PH to launch the 2022 ES this month image

At the rear, the updates are subtle too. Though a bit hard to tell, there's a new set of taillights that appear to be darker and have a smoked finish. The bumper is new as well. Keen-eyed readers will notice that the exhaust tips no longer go through the lower portion. Instead, it's replaced by a black panel with a pair of reflectors. Other changes include new wheels and paint options.

Lexus PH to launch the 2022 ES this month image

Inside, the cabin looks unchanged, but Lexus says they made changes here and there. Possibly the biggest upgrade would be the infotainment system, which can now be controlled by a touchscreen. However, they still retained the trackpad for those that prefer using it. Lexus Safety System+2.5 now comes standard on the model as well, regardless of variant.

Under the skin, Lexus retweaked the suspension of the 2022 ES for a more comfortable ride and better stability. Those that own the original 2018 model can expect to feel a difference with this new one.

Lexus PH to launch the 2022 ES this month image

Lexus Philippines did not disclose full details yet. But for reference, the current ES is available in only one variant – the ES 350. With the IS sedan now available with hybrid power, will Lexus offer the same for the ES sedan? We'll have to wait and see once the model arrives later this month.