Japanese luxury automaker Lexus recently announced a voluntary recall of 423,000 units of select models that have a faulty fuel delivery system. The models affected by the recall include 2006-2011 Lexus GS, 2006-2011 Lexus IS, 2010 IS C convertible, 2008-2010 Lexus IS F and 2007-2010 Lexus LS. All of the vehicles mentioned above are manufactured in Japan.

The vehicles involved in the recall have fuel pipes that have plating that protects it from corrosion. Some of the pipes have the protective plating applied near the gasket seating surface where the fuel pressure sensor is situated. The sealing property of the gasket placed between the pressure sensor and the pipe may become degraded and during vehicle operation, fuel could leak past the gasket. When an ignition source is present near the leak, it might cause a vehicle fire.

Lexus parent company Toyota has stated that there have been no reports yet of fires, crashes or fatalities caused by the said defect. Owners will receive a notification via first class mail and Lexus dealers will schedule an appointment service that will repair the gasket seating surface, replaced it with new a new gasket and reinstall the fuel pressure sensor.

AutoIndustriya.com contacted Spencer Yu, the Sales and Marketing Director of Lexus Manila, Inc., for comment regarding the matter. He subsequently informed us that LMI has already gotten ahead of the issue.

“Yes we have vehicles affected by this recall,” said Yu. “All owners have already been contacted and informed. We have already scheduled the vehicles for checking and corrective measures will be taken to avoid problems."

Yu made it clear that Lexus Manila is committed to delivering the very best in customer care and service.