Lexus will be joining the PHEV and BEV market very soon

With Lexus recently achieving a sales milestone of selling over 2 million hybrid and electric cars, things can only go up from here. As more and more automakers make the shift towards zero-emissions and carbon neutrality, Toyota's luxury brand plans on launching two vehicles to help realize its greener future.

To further expand their electrified car line, Lexus is set to introduce the first plug-in hybrid (PHEV) as a mass-market model for 2021 and a completely new battery-electric vehicle (BEV) in 2022.

Lexus has yet to reveal the names and specifications of the upcoming PHEV and BEV. However, the company did reveal a concept months ago that highlights the brand's electric future. It's called the LF-Z Electrified. Not only does the concept show the brand's future design direction, but it also shows Lexus' upcoming technologies for zero-emissions mobility.

Lexus to launch a mass-market plug-in hybrid this 2021 image

The company also mentioned that all future electrified models will feature Direct4 and steer-by-wire systems. First revealed in the LF-Z concept, it's essentially an advanced all-wheel-drive system made solely for EVs. It will allow EVs to shift power to individual wheels for a more dynamic driving experience, as claimed by Lexus. Combined with the steer-by-wire system, it eliminates the need for a steering column, which could further free up space inside the cabin.

Could the LF-Z be a preview of things to come from Lexus? We're not entirely sure, but the concept could become the basis of all future EVs since it carries the technologies that Lexus needs to build them.

As to when Lexus will reveal the mass-market PHEV, we'll just have to wait and see. But at least we know that Lexus has confirmed its reveal this year.