Earlier this year, Modellista released their lineup of body kits  for the all-new Lexus UX, giving the entry-level SUV a sportier look. Overall, the kit looks subtle compared to those others being offered in the market, composing mostly of a wraparound body kit and a roof mounted spoiler. At the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon however, Modellista decided to take things one step further by introducing the more hardcore UX Modellista Concept.

Unlike the wraparound kit being offered, the UX Modellista Concept features revised bodywork all around. For starters, the front bumper now sports a bright, reverse L-shaped LED trim piece which changes colors together with a more aggressive chin with a glowing Modellista badge. The concept’s main feature however would be the LED screen on the grill, but more on that later.

The Lexus UX Modellista Concept has an LED screen for a grill

Wide, vented fender flares have been fitted all around, giving the UX a more aggressive-looking stance. A new side skirt then complements the fender extensions on all four corners. Eagle-eyed readers would also notice the lack of traditional side mirrors. These have been replaced in favor of cameras fitted on the fender extensions at the front doors. 

At the rear, the bumper has been redesigned and now features a dual-twin exit exhaust and a more pronounced rear diffuser. A roof spoiler, chrome trim all around and 20-inch wheels complete the UX Modellista Concept’s makeover.

The Lexus UX Modellista Concept has an LED screen for a grill

Going back to the concept’s main feature – the LED grill, the driver can freely change color designs depending on their mood or preferences. This unique changing LED screen then takes customization outside of the usual body panels and wheels that we are used too. Aside from the numerous designs to choose from, the grill can also display graphics such as a pedestrian’s crossing and even say “Thank you”, allowing the car to communicate with the surrounding environment.

Modellista did not mention whether the LED screen will be available in the future. Given that this is a concept though, it will unlikely make it into production. As for the body kit, it seems likely that UX owners will have to settle for the subtler looking Modellista kit currently on sale.