Even today, overfenders still seem to be the craze in the world of customization, and it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon, especially with Liberty Walk's latest creation. Often times, we see LB-Works' signature kits installed on high end exotics, such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris and McLarens, making them somewhat out of reach for non-super car owners. There are times however, that the brand also makes kits for cars more accessible to everyone such as the S660 and the recently revealed Ford Mustang.

Liberty Walk adds Japanese flare to the Ford Mustang

Photos of the upcoming Liberty Walk kit Ford Mustang were first seen last month, when it was still unpainted. Now that the kit has been officially released, we get to have a closer look at the changes that Kato-san's widebody kit has made, and what makes it stand out from other aftermarket brands.


Noticeably, there are the signature riveted overfenders that are found on all Liberty Walk wide body kits, giving the Mustang an even more aggressive look with its wider track. The front and rear fascia have been treated to a diffuser kit to match widened fenders and enabling it to sit lower. Completing the Liberty Walk touch is a duck tail rear spoiler, reminisce of the classic 60s Mustang.

Liberty Walk adds Japanese flare to the Ford Mustang

Apart from the widebody kit, one would need an aggressive set to wheels to match the Liberty Walk Mustang's appearance. To get your Mustang sitting like the demo car, Liberty Walk also offers an Airrex Digital Air Supension kit as an option. Price for the Liberty Walk Mustang kit begins at JPY 496,800 (PHP 225,015) which excludes the riveted over fenders, and JPY 680,400 (PHP308,174) for the complete kit, excluding the Airrex Air Suspension kit.