Liberty Walk is known for building crazy widebody kits for supercars, hypercars, and everything in between. Take a look at their website, and choose from the wide selection of models available. This time around, it seems LB head honcho Kato Wataru set his sights on the newest SUV from Toyota – the Land Cruiser 300 series.

Kato-san recently released images of the upcoming Liberty Walk Land Cruiser on his Facebook page. Compared to his more recent creations, the kit for the Land Cruiser is relatively tame. Like any LB kit, there are the signature wide fenders paired with a front lip, rear bumper extension with an integrated diffuser, rear wing, and trunk spoiler. Interestingly, there's also a new grille, which replaces the one on the ZX with the GR-Sport style. Instead of TOYOTA, however, it spells out LIBERTY WALK; a neat touch. Completing the exterior makeover is the dry carbon hood.

Liberty Walk transforms Land Cruiser 300 into a widebody SUV image

Each kit comes with custom exhaust tips to match the new rear bumper extension. Customers will also be able to order matching Liberty Walk branded wheels. Sizes weren't mentioned, but judging the render, it could either be 22-inch or 24-inch units.

Liberty Walk is now accepting pre-orders for the Land Cruiser 300 kit. For those interested, better prepare your checkbooks. The basic kit, which only consists of the front spoiler, rear spoiler (with exhaust tip), and wide fenders, already costs JPY 627,000 or PHP 287,000. Those that want the complete package, including the LB wheel, prepare to shell out at least JPY 1,958,000 or PHP 897,000. Mind you, the prices don't include shipping yet either.

Kato-san says the kits will be ready to ship out by January 2022. Given the popularity of Liberty Walk kits, expect a long order list already. That said, we won't be surprised to see a few Land Cruiser 300 units fitted with the Liberty Walk kits in the Philippines.