As much as their wild riveted overfenders are very much loved – or hated – there is one thing we’re sure about Liberty Walk’s signature kits: They don’t exactly fit them onto affordable cars. While we can all ogle at the Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and McLarens they’ve made into girthy works of art, it’s safe to say only a number of us can afford to install a Liberty Walk kit on a car with an engine mounted mid-ship.

Liberty Walk takes their spin on the Honda S660

Nowadays it seems Kato-san wants to make the Liberty Walk experience more accessible by making a kit for one of the most popular tuning platforms in Japan today. The S660, with its mid-mounted 660cc three-cylinder turbo pushing 64PS, is the successor to the Honda Beat kei car and has since received a lot of aftermarket support from various tuners across Japan. On the aesthetic end, Liberty Walk transforms the S660 by giving it front and rear fascias similar to that of the Honda NSX. Pair that with riveted overfenders and a ducktail spoiler and you pretty much get the Liberty Walk recipe in a much smaller package.

Rear quarter of the Honda S660 Liberty Walk

To get the S660 sitting the way it does, you’ll need to shell out extra for a set of AirRex Digital Air Suspension as well as a matching set of wheels to fill out the guards. The Liberty Walk S660 kit starts at JPY 848,000 (PHP 375,000) for the fenders and bumpers – but then you’ll have to find a way to bring the Honda S660 into our shores first.