Has Nissan began testing on a convertible GT-R? No they have not but Liberty Walk appears to be interested in making one. What was once a Daihatsu Copen now looks a lot like a miniature version of the Nissan GT-R.

From the looks of things, it's no mere conversion kit as Liberty Walk appeared to have made unique components for the Copen-turned GT-R. Dubbed as the GT-K (K standing for Kei car), the front end gets the refreshed version of Nissan's V-Motion 2.0 grill. Meanwhile, the side gets the signature bolt-on fenders and wide Falken tires.

Liberty Walk transforms a Daihatsu into a mini Nissan GT-R

A GT-R-inspired rear bumper makes its way at the back, along with a huge rear wing and dual quad exhaust system. All in all, Liberty Walk tried to copy every minute detail of the GT-R for the tiny Copen roadster.

Odd, however is the unique body finish that Liberty Walk applied on the car itself. We're not entirely sure if it's paint or some other material but the gray finish does make the one-off Copen stand out from the rest. On some portions of the car, the material is smooth while on other sections, it appears rough.

Liberty Walk transforms a Daihatsu into a mini Nissan GT-R

In stock form, the Daihatsu Copen is powered by a 658cc three-cylinder DOHC turbocharged engine. It produces a modest 63 PS at 6400 rpm along with 92 Nm of torque at 3200 rpm. It's available with either a CVT or five-speed manaul gearbox and weighs less than 900 kg. It's only available in the Japanese market.

Other details about the Nissan GT-K remain a mystery but the one-off open-top roadster appears more like a design study rather than a serious project.