You would think that the man behind Liberty Walk would be a snob when it comes to bland cars. Considering his reputation of chopping up rare exotica to turn into his signature widebody models, it would only be safe to assume that Wataru Kato is busy with working on nothing but high-end supercars.

If you had the chance to meet the guy in person though (like we fortunately have), you will understand that Kato-san only has two goals for every build he does: To get a reaction, and have to fun along the way. That said, the Nagoya-based outfit will work with pretty much anything – and their newest kit is a clear cut example of this.

Liberty Walk goes green with new Prius bodykit image

What you see here is Liberty Walk’s latest offering for the 2019 Toyota Prius. While admittedly more subtle than their usual creations, it looks like this may be Liberty Walk’s way of making their styling more accessible by adhering it to a rather common platform – not to mention at a more ‘affordable’ price point.

The kit itself consists of a front lip, side skirts, a rear diffuser, and a subtle ducktail wing to finish off the rear end. The whole aero package is priced at $2,900 (about Php 148,920), but of course, you’ll have to pay extra for paint and labor once it lands.

Liberty Walk goes green with new Prius bodykit image

The kit alone won’t make the 2019 Prius pop though, to fill the wheel wells properly Liberty Walk has their own brand of aftermarket wheels which costs $520 (about Php 26,703) per corner and a set of lowering springs that will run $1,700 (about Php 87,298). If scraping the bottom side isn’t an option, Liberty Walk also offers a full air suspension kit for the Prius – at a costly sum of $7,900 (about Php405,680); more expensive than the kit, wheels, and springs put together.

All in all the LB Works 2019 Prius Kit could set you back more than $10,000 (Php 513,520) if you tick that box for the air suspension, but the cost of the kit alone could be pretty enticing for those that want their hybrid city runabouts to pop a little bit more compared to the next one.