Life's a beach in the Nissan Titan Surfcamp

Life's a beach in the Nissan Titan Surfcamp image

Jose Altoveros / Nissan | July 10, 2018 12:13

Nissan modifies a Titan pickup for those living the beach life

So you happen to love the beach, yes? Well Nissan has revealed another one of their lifestyle concept vehicles. This time in the form of a beach-themed Titan pickup truck. Called the Titan Surfcamp, Nissan's modified pickup truck is capable of carrying all the beach equipment you would need. From holding your surfboards to having provisions for fishing poles and even holding your tent, its no wonder why the Titan was named Surfcamp.

Nissan Titan Surfcamp

The Titan Surfcamp is based off of a standard Titan XD Diesel Midnight Edition Crew Cab. Nissan then gave it a host of modifications to make it more capable of taking on the sand and surf. Icon suspension, which Nissan says is a factory-authorized dealer option, gave the Titan a 3-inch lift. Icon Alpha wheels wrapped in Nitto off-road tires ensures the Titan won't get stuck, and rounds up the mechanical upgrades. The factory Cummins 5.0-liter turbo diesel engine has been untouched.

Nissan Titan Surfcamp

To make beach life easier, Nissan has fitted a host of accessories to the Titan Surfcamp. Up front, the steel bumper has provisions to hold your fishing poles, should you be driving that close to the water. The roof rack is not just for carrying surfboards, but also incorporates a retractable shade. It also has a solar-powered shower and a base for the tent.

Nissan Titan Surfcamp

Despite the host of amenities found in the roof rack, there is still space in the Titan Surfcamp's bed for any other beach equipment one might need. Nissan has also integrated a Yeti cooler at the rear to keep drinks cold. Auxillary lights and LED light bars have been fitted to improve lighting at night. Inside, the seats are fitted with a wetsuit like cover.

Much like previous special-edition lifetyle concepts, the Titan Surfpack will remain just a concept. Nissan points out however, that the parts needed to convert their Titan is readly available should someone be interested in making one.