Converting vans to 4x4s isn't exactly a new thing. Still, it's a novel thing to see nonetheless. Case in point: The 4x4 Hiace build by Australian-based EnduroCo. which we covered before. But that was based on the old one. Now, we don't have wonder what the new one will look like as a rock crawler because some one has built just that.

Hiace 4x4 image

It's built by Bus 4x4, an outfitter that specializes in transforming buses into off-road rigs. This particular Hiace Commuter has received a generous 180mm suspension lift kit, modified front and rear suspension, as well as a complete 4x4 drivetrain upgrade.

Hiace 4x4 image

It now has a selectable all-wheel drive system that can be set to 4WD-High, or 4WD-Low. For those looking for any hints of its off-roading chops, it even has a center and rear locking differential which can deliver equal transfer of power between the front and rear axles for improved traction. The rear suspension, has been beefed up to take on the demands of the off-road trail.

Hiace 4x4 image

The 4x4 Hiace can also come with optional front protection rails and rock sliders that will keep the chassis safe from rough terrain. Lastly, it rides on steel rims wrapped in all-terrain tires provide the 4x4 van much needed grip when going off the beaten path.

Lifted, beefed-up, four-wheel drive Hilux anyone? image

But is it only available for the Commuter variant? Accoriding to Bus 4x4, they can also convert the Granvia (aka Super Grandia) to come with the 4x4 upgrades as well. Why not get a Fortuner or Land Cruiser and set it up for the trail, you ask? Well, those two can't exactly carry 14 in comfort, can they? With this one, you can take you and your extended family out in the woods with seating (and luggage) for all.

We'd sure love to see someone building an off-road Hiace here soon. We think it'll be pretty cool if they did.