It seems Baguio is not the only city that wants to stop pedestrians from using their mobile phone while walking on the streets. The Davao City Council is talking plans on adopting a similar ordinance to that one recently approved by the City Council of Baguio.

In particular, newly elected Davao City Councilor Jonard Dayap is pushing to implement an ordinance penalizing pedestrians wearing headphones and using gadgets while crossing the street. In a report by Sunstar Davao, Dayap says that the measure will help ensure the safety of both pedestrians and motorists on the road and that gadgets are one of the main causes of accidents. The Davao City Police Office (DCPO) has also backed the proposal being pushed by Dayap.

Pedestrians walking the streets while using their mobile phones and other gadgets at the same time are quite a common sight even in Metro Manila. Because of that, this makes them more susceptible to getting into accidents. Those wearing headphones might not hear if a vehicle is approaching while those on their phones might not see approaching vehicles.

For now, there are still no details on how Davao plans to implement this and the penalties violators will incur. Should they simply adapt Baguio's Anti-Distracted Walking Ordinance, the penalties under Baguio's ordinance include a verbal warning on the first offense, fined Php 1,000.00 on the second offense, Php 2,000.00 on the third offense, and Php 2,500.00 with community service or 11-30 days imprisonment on fourth offense and succeeding offenses.

While the City Council of Baguio has already approved of the final reading, the final draft will be submitted to the Mayor's Office for approval before it takes effect.

With Davao City already planning to implement a similar anti-distracted walking ordinance, we wonder if other cities in the Philippines will also impose something similar in the future.

Source: SunStar Davao