Renewing driver's licenses and vehicle registration is quite a daunting task when it comes to dealing with our 'favorite' government office - the Land Transportation Office (LTO). Under its new leadership, the government agency aims to put the 'public' back into public service with its new online appointment and scheduling system.

Under a new system which the LTO is implementing as part of its new IT Project, it will facilitate a more efficient way of renewing driver's license and vehicle registration.

The agency claims that the new process will reduce the process of registration to as little as 45 minutes compared to the current method of walk-in applications.

A special lane will be designated in applicable district offices to accomodate those who booked online appointments.

On its first phase, the LTO has designated five district offices: Central Office, Quezon City; Marikina; Muntinlupa; Novaliches; and Pasig.

“This is a big step towards enhancing our services by utilizing this online platform to bring more convenience to the public in line with President Duterte’s directive to bring more convenience to the public,” LTO chief Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante.

The LTO Kiosk-MV Renewal was piloted at its district office in Diliman last April 24 and will be rolled out at other LTO sites nationwide by the end of the year to facilitate efficient renewals to service the growing number of licensed drivers and registered vehicles.

The agency has introduced the LTO Kiosk early this year, an interactive self-service process which aims to give better information about transactions, requirements and other LTO-related matters.

The Motor Vehicle (MV) Renewal feature add to the kiosk this month allows the public to have their vehicles assessed and evaluated instead of queuing at LTO Evaluator windows.

To avail of the service, applicants should submit complete MV Renewal requirements such as OR/CR (official receipt/certificate of registration), emission test, third party liability insurance and motor vehicle inspection report.

The LTO has clarified that the online system will only be available for renewal transactions for driver's licenses and vehicle registration. New or first-time applications will not be accomodated by the system.

LTO online pass

The system may be accessed through the LTO website via a click on the 'LTO Online Pass' button as seen above, it will take users to an online application form to book and schedule.

Unfortunately, the online application portal is down as of the moment likely due to the amount of traffic accessing the server.