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Limited Subaru BRZ tS released by STI Japan


Tuned for the street with uprated STI parts and performance

STI, or Subaru Tecnica International, has just put the tuned version of Subaru's new coupe for sale in Japan: the Subaru BRZ tS

Subaru's in house tuner has uprated the BRZ with plenty of performance parts and tweaked many of the electrical assistance systems in the car.

Extra performance and handling stems from upgrades like a new filter, STI strut bars, STI suspension, Brembo brakes, among other things. The Vehicle Dynamics Control system has also been retuned to allow better performance.


The list of upgrades is as follows:

Also, STI will be releasing a GT Package for the BRZ tS, and it gets black STI wheels, an STI rear spoiler and Recaro seats.

The BRZ tS is still not turbocharged, though it will be a limited run with a maximum of 500 units worldwide, while only a maximum of 250 will be fitted with the GT Package.

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