It's not every day that an automaker announces their entire product offensive for the year, but Nissan has set something unprecedented.

Not only have they said the number of cars they'll be launching within 18 months, they listed down which ones will be launched within a year or so. With 13 cars to debut, There's a lot of buzz within one of Japan's "Big Three".

So what are these? Here's all of them from A to the all-new Z sports car.

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The Ariya was first shown as a concept during last year's Tokyo Motor Show. It will be Nissan's first pure electric crossover and it aims to take some sales away from Tesla's Model X. If Nissan stays faithful to the concept's design, we have a general idea of what it might look like. With the LEAF setting the precedent for Nissan electric vehicles, the Ariya could strengthen the brand's hold on the EV market.

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No, it's not a new model. The Armada is simply the name of the US-market Patrol. We've driven the new Patrol in the Middle East, and it impressed us a lot. It may be a 'facelift' but there are more than enough changes made to it to make it feel different enough.

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The name Frontier may not have been in the country for years, but it's alive and kicking abroad. The pick-up will be bigger than the Navara, as it's primarily a US model. There's still little known about it, but it's sure to have a new engine under the hood at the very least. It is also possible that it will use the Navara platform, which will get in to later.

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This one has already been revealed. Launched in Thailand a few weeks ago, the Kicks e-Power also shows the look of the updated subcompact crossover. Aside from the electric-powertrain, compact turbo engines are expected to power the facelifted Kicks.

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Nissan showed off the silhouette of this crossover, but didn't mention its name. The only certain thing is that the name starts with the letter M. By the looks of it, it appears to be yet another compact crossover. Will it be electric, a hybrid, or powered by fuel? It's too early to tell. Nonetheless, this is a model we have to look out for in the future.

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The current-generation Navara has been around since 2014. For a pick-up platform, that's still relatively young but one of its prime competitors, the Isuzu D-Max, has been redesigned this year. Looking at the shadowy image Nissan provided, it seems more like a heavy facelift than an all-new model. Still, it's a good time for the Japanese automaker to update this model, as the revised Toyota Hilux is coming in this year too.

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Of the 13 vehicles Nissan announced, only two aren't pick-ups, crossovers, or SUVs. One of them is the Note subcompact hatchback. The current Note is one of the oldest cars in the Nissan stable, and it's now eight years old. To say that it's in dire need of a redesign is, perhaps, an understatement. Thankfully, the third-generation is on its way, and we're expecting e-Power tech to be available in this one, just like the previous model.

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Over the years, the Pathfinder has transformed from a relatively small, pick-up-based SUV to a sizable crossover. It looks like the next-generation model will go back to its off-roader roots, at least judging by its silhouette. It's also possible that it will retain its crossover underpinnings and it's been given a more rugged outline. Like the Frontier, there's little known about the future Pathfinder, and Nissan is keeping their cards close to their chest.

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To those unfamiliar with the Qashqai, it's one of the many subcompact crossovers Nissan has on offer. It's a popular model too, being one of Europe's top-selling crossovers. Also known as the Rogue Sport in the Americas, it slots in below the X-Trail and the new one appears to have some cues from its bigger stablemate, the Rogue/X-Trail. This is likely to be a new generation, as the Rogue/X-Trail has been fully redesigned from the ground-up.

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The facelifted Terra is an SUV we're excited to see. The timing of its teaser couldn't be better too, as many of its competitors have been recently updated as well. We're expecting it to have some cues from the recently updated Patrol, so that front end might come with sharper, more angular lines. We might also see some updates to the interior, as well as upgrades in the technology front. A lot is riding on the 2020 (or 2021) Terra, as one of its main competitors, the Toyota Fortuner, is getting a substantial facelift as well.

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After photos of it spread all over the internet, you'd think Nissan would have pulled the covers off the X-Trail/Rogue by now. We already know what it looks like. There's the second-gen Juke-like headlight treatment, along with a hint of the Kicks over at the back with its taillights. The cabin is a big leap forward in terms of design, looking nothing like the ones sitting in showrooms at the moment.

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Next-gen Z

Last but not least is the next-generation Z Car. Finally, after over a decade in production, the current one will be retired with the 2021 model coming soon. This is the world's first-ever sneak-peek of the sports car, and Nissan wasn't kidding when they said it will come with a 'retro-inspired' design. The roofline echoes that of the original 240z, and the circular LED daytime running lights are a nod to the past. It even has what appears to be a brushed aluminum strip above the windows, which is reminiscent of the rain gutters seen in the classic Z.

This all-new Z was 11 years in the making, and we can't wait to see what it looks like in the metal. As for the engine, many rumors are circulating, from a twin-turbo V6 to a turbocharged four-cylinder, and even a mild-hybrid powertrain. However, one thing is for sure: It will be powerful.

Nissan may be facing some big hurdles of their own at the moment, but it isn't stopping them from generating buzz and excitement. 13 all-new and updated models is great news indeed, and we're looking forward to seeing all of them.