Don't forget to bring these documents when fetching APOR, essential workers

With Metro Manila reverting to enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) starting tomorrow, August 6, 2021, only APORs or authorized persons outside residences will be allowed outside. But what about essential workers and APORs that need to get to their places of work using a driver/fetcher?

At first, the Philippine National Police (PNP) said that picking up and dropping off (hatid-sundo) of APORs will not be allowed. However, following public backlash from the strict rule, the PNP said they will allow the “hatid-sundo” arrangement. But to ensure only designated drivers can pick up APORs and essential workers, they have also released a set of requirements that drivers/fetchers will have to bring with them at all times as proof that they are authorized.

For non-APOR fetchers and drivers, the following requirements should be presented to personnel at quarantine control points and checkpoints.

1. A Certificate of Employment (COE) of the Worker-APOR from the employer with the indicated name of the non-APOR driver/fetcher, the make and plate number of the vehicle to be used, and the contact number of the employer.

2. A copy of the business permit of the employer.

Fetchers of APORs during ECQ will need the following image

PNP chief General Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar said these documents will be checked by PNP at random checkpoints they might come across within Metro Manila. This will also ensure that only APORs, frontliners, and essential workers will be out of their houses during the upcoming ECQ period. Eleazar also warned against using fake documents as the PNP will do counter checks.

With Metro Manila to be placed under ECQ starting tomorrow, hopefully, APORs with fetchers will be able to complete the requirements mandated by the PNP before then.