After introducing Jaugar F-Type based Thunder, Lister Cars has set their eyes on building a high-performance SUV based on the Jaguar F-Pace. This won't just be any ordinary SUV however, as the British manufacturer claims it will be 'the world's fastest SUV'.

For now, Lister has yet to reveal any details regarding the yet-to-be-named SUV. However, they have released a teaser photo of the high-performance SUV on Facebook with the caption 'Coming soon from Lister - the world's fastest SUV.' From the lone photo, the F-Pace based SUV appears to be sporting a new bumper, wheels and larger brakes. Like the Thunder, it is also finished in green metallic paint. It also has a yellow pinstripe which runs from the fender badging to the side of the vehicle.

For reference, the standard Jaguar F-Pace SVR already produces 550 PS from a superchaged 4.0-liter V8 which goes from 0 to 97km/h in 4.1 seconds and tops out at 283km/h. To compete for the title of World's Fastest SUV however, it would have to produce a lot more power. Currently, the most powerful SUV in production is the Lambroghini Urus which produces 641 PS and can reach a top speed of 306km/h.

In the F-Type based Thunder, Lister managed to extract an additional 125 PS from the same superchaged V8 found in the F-Pace SVR with an output of 675 PS. That said, it is likely that the unnamed SUV could also have the same power output. Nonetheless, challenging for the title is a tall order coming from Lister.