After almost 25 years, Lister Cars will soon be introducing an all-new model in 2018. Likely to be called the Thunder, the British sports car manufacturer has taken to Twitter to announce the occasion. At the same time, they have also released teaser images of their upcoming model, which clearly looks like a Jaguar F-Type with a Lister logo and their signature green accent.

For those who only know of Lister Cars from the racing simulator Gran Turismo, the British marque actually has a long standing partnership with Jaguar. The only car available in the game listed under Lister is the Storm, which is the brand's first ground-up built contemporary car and uses a Jaguar-sourced 7.0-liter V12. It comes to no surprise then that the brand's upcoming model will also be based on a Jaguar, specifically the F-Type.

Lister Cars to introduce all-new model after 25 years

As of the moment, there are no details about the Lister Storm apart from us know it is an F-Type based model and a January 2018 launch date. What we do know is that the F-Type's range topping SVR can be had with a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine that produces 575 PS, sending power to all four wheels. Do expect the Thunder to have more power and improved handling possibly through a retweaked suspension setup.

Lister Cars was originally founded back in 1954. Prior to the Storm and the upcoming Thunder, the company built race cars using parts from various manufacturers at the time. More recently however, they have been producing reproduction models of their 1958 Knobby for both road and race use.