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Local 4x4 magazine Adventure 4X officially launched


A4X is now avaialable in select off-road accessories and mod shops

Adventure 4X – or simply A4X – has been officially launched, making it the country's first off-road and adventure lifestyle magazine.

A4X is a magazine that intends to provide specific information that will address questions, issues and concerns regarding off-roading. In order to be a credible source, A4X is written by adventure and off-road junkies.

A4X also has international correspondents including Pepe “El Jefe” Palomo (United States), Andrew Liemroth (Australia) and Kristofferson “Crazy Wani” Macay Domingo (Japan).


Combining the staff's honest take on everything and anything about off-road, A4X claims that their content will take readers to unique destinations that can only be reached via roads less travelled. The magazine also aims to show how readers can get the most out of their off-road machines.

What's inside A4X? Check out the list below:

Gig - Brings you up-to-date with what's happening in tha local and global off-road scene.

Adventure 2X - Your adventure started with your first bike.

Off-roader - Feature on local and international off-road icons.

Adventure time - Our light trail feature.

Off the grid - Not for newbies, this one's for the extreme at heart.

Tough gear - Gears just in or incoming.

Adventurista - The section name says it all.

Adventurismo - Our local tourism feature, no urban destinations here.

Classic mod - Classic trucks or SUV lovingly restored by their owners.

O.R. - Our mod feature on currently released SUVs or trucks which have been put to the knife.

Coming out bi-monthly starting this month and monthly the year after, A4X will be available to readers in select off-road accessories and mod shops including select adventure shops such as bike shops all over the country.

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