Today a local automotive website posted a story titled “The long overdue Isuzu MU-X midsize SUV is already on PH shores” using photographs of Frank Liu, Jr. and Frank Liu, III, the president and vice president of the Isuzu Davao dealership, respectively.

Frank Liu, III, the said VP of Isuzu Davao (or Southern Motors of Davao, Inc.) contacted to air his side over the photos.

“The story of Mr. Vernon Sarne was based on photos that were taken at an Isuzu dealership in Bangkok, Thailand and not in the Philippines,” said Frank Liu, III. “I was never contacted by Mr. Sarne or any of his team for permission to use the said photographs nor did I state or imply that the vehicle photographed here is located in the Philippines.”

Liu, Jr. and Liu, III were on a trip to Thailand and segued to the nearby Isuzu dealer to test the SUV that Isuzu Davao and the rest of the Isuzu Philippines dealer network are eager to market in the country for their customers.

“I am very offended that photos of my father and I were used without permission by Mr. Sarne as the basis for an inaccurate and misleadingstory about the next gen Isuzu MU-X being 'on PH [Philippine] shores',” said Liu.

Liu also notified us that the title of the story has since been edited to imply a possibility as opposed to stating a certainty that the 2015 MU-X is in the Philippines after recognizing that the car was indeed right hand drive. Liu noticed that story has also been edited from it's original form to remove any mention of Isuzu Davao or the name of the person that sent them the photos.

“This incident with Mr. Sarne and Top Gear Philippines has caused major damage and undue tension to our business relationship with our principals in the Philippines [Isuzu Philippines Corporation].”

“We have contacted our legal counsel over the potential damages regarding this post by Top Gear Philippines,” concluded Liu.

Below is a screen grab by Frank Liu, III of an earlier version of the story


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