Newly-appointed Ford Group Philippines general manager Bertrand Lessard has announced that plans to offer the GT supercar in the country have been axed. Instead, a different high-performance Ford will grace the market soon. Taking its place will be the Ranger Raptor which is slated to make its global debut sometime in 2018.

Last year, it was confirmed that the GT will indeed be offered in the Philippines and, at the time, prospective buyers could apply for a purchase as early as February 2016. The Ford Motor Company set up a unique approach to selling the GT, instead choosing its future owners through a screening process. At the moment, the first batch of GT supercars have been spoken for worldwide.

While there have been reports of successful applicants from the Philippines; they won't be able to buy it through the local Ford distributor.

So why have the plans for the Ford GT been canceled for the Philippines?

"It's a half a million dollar car. The only place to enjoy it is out of the city. Maybe someone will bring it in on his own, but Ford Philippines will not bring it in. Everytime we bring in a new model we have to bring in parts, train service and market it. We will focus on cars with more mass market appeal,” said Lessard.

As mentioned, it will be the Ranger Raptor that will arrive in the Philippines and it appears to align with Lessard's direction. The Ford Ranger is one of the country's top-selling pickups and has consistently been one of Ford Philippines' best-sellers.

At the same time, the new Ford country head announced that the brand will bring in official Ford accessories to the country.

"We will be bringing in Ford accessories. Not the cheapest but they will be of higher quality and specifically to fit Ford vehicles," said Bertrand.

There is no specific date as to when the official accessories will arrive in the Philippines.