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Metal stitching technology

ATI Group, one of the country's pioneering and prestigious engine rebuilding companies is set to introduce another innovation in the local automotive market. Dubbed as the "Lock and Stitch" Full Torque thread repair insert technology, ATI provides us with the solution for threaded holes and crack problems in cast iron, aluminum, bronze and soft steel.

Cracked thread holes have always been difficult to repair because of the spreading force exerted when the bolt or threaded device is torqued. Standard thread repair inserts and coils are ineffective in these situations. They can even worsen the problem by removing material around the threaded hole.

Repairing the threads is just part of the solution. With ATI's Lock and Stitch Full Torque thread repair, the primary problem which caused the cracking of the metal is identified and strengthened. The secret to this Lock and Stitch technology is the state of the art stitching pin with a patented hook tread designed with a negative 20 degree pressure angle on top of the threads. When the shoulder seats into the counter bore, the pressure angle of the pin comes into contact with the matching pressure angle on the underside of the tapped hole. As the pin is torqued, a radial drawing force is created pulling the two sides of the joint together. Once completed, the repaired cracked metal or threaded hole is stronger, more durable and restores the metal to its original state. "Aside from automobile engines and transmissions, the Lock and Stitch technology is also used for marine, industrial and aeronautics repair applications," states Martin Diaz de Rivera, Managing Director of ATI Group.

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