Months after it was spied winter testing, the next-generation London taxi has been fully revealed. Dubbed the LEVC TX, the new Hackney Carriage presents a new direction for the iconic cab. While it still retains the classic look of its predecessors, the new taxi now boasts a greener powertrain under the hood.

London Taxi

The familiar proportions from the old taxi make their way to the all-new model. At the front, we see a different interpretation of the signature round lights. As for its grill, it gets a honeycomb design and keeps the upright look of the current taxi. Large side mirrors can be seen at the side, as well as tall windows. Moving to the rear, slim, vertical tail lights pay tribute to the London cabs of the past. Lastly, this car gets coach doors for easy ingress and egress for passengers.


Instead of steel, the LEVC TX's body is now made from anodized aluminum. LEVC says the structure is thirty percent lighter than an equivalent steel structure and more than twice as strong as welding. Safety has also been enhanced thanks to the aluminum construction which, according to the company, can absorb twice the crash energy of mild steel. They add that anodized aluminium has other big advantages, Stating that it is extremely corrosion resistant and durable. 

London Taxi

As mentioned above, the new London taxi now gets a greener powertrain. It will be using a plug-in hybrid system, replacing the 2.5-liter turbodiesel. The next-generation taxi will be using a three-cylinder, 1.5-liter Volvo-derived gas engine to serve as a generator. The generator then powers the wheels and can also be recharged through plug-in means. LEVC estimates a range of nearly 645 kilometers between fill-ups and another 113 kilometers when the cab is run in full electric mode.