Remember when Subaru said they were committed to making sedans in a crossover hungry market? It looks like the brand from Gunma is sticking to their guns. After the release of the all-new Impreza a few years ago, Subaru is swearing by its promise.

Subaru has just given the world a preview of the next-generation Legacy.

The seventh iteration of the Legacy will be fully revealed next week at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show. Just in time too as this year, the Legacy celebrates its 30th anniversary. Despite the slowdown of mid-size sedan sales worldwide, Subaru still believes there will always be people who will stick to the traditional four-door body style.

That being said, the 2020 model appears to be more evolutionary than revolutionary. A closer look at the shadowy teaser photo shows that the all-new Legacy seems to have adapted the current design language started by the Impreza. The influence of the Impreza on the Legacy can be seen on the roof line, window line, and tail lights. As for the headlights, there's a hint of Forester in them with the LED daytime running lights. Like the Impreza and the Forester, the upcoming Legacy rides on the new Subaru Global Platform.

Long live midsize sedans: 2020 Subaru Legacy coming soon image

Inside, however, it's a lot more different. Granted, they only showed the center stack but it's quite the redesign. Grabbing attention is the sizable infotainment screen which dominates the dashboard. The screen is large, running from near the top of the dash, all the way near the gear selector. Speaking of gear selectors, Subaru has refused to follow the trend of electro-mechanical units, in favor of a more conventional gear stick. The rest of the cabin will be revealed in a week's time. 

A big question mark hangs over the 2020 Legacy's hood. It is possible that the mid-sized sedan could get the 2.5-liter boxer engine from the Forester sold in other markets. The 2020 Legacy could also be turbocharged as it could also source the boosted 2.4-liter mill from the Ascent large crossover. Given that the Subaru Global Platform is designed to accommodate a hybrid powertrain, we could also see the first ever electrically-assisted Legacy. 

With the upcoming debut of the all-new Legacy, the next-generation Outback could be coming soon as well. With a wave of all-new models, it looks like Subaru will have a busy 2019 indeed.