More pictures of yet-to-be-launched 2024 Toyota Alphard make their way online

Right before the end of May, we managed to take a good look at the yet-to-be-launched next-generation Toyota Alphard. This comes after a set of photos showing the all-new luxury MPV photographed at what looked like a Toyota facility.

With a brand-new stylish look, the all-new Alphard is set to make a statement in the luxury MPV market once it's officially revealed to the public. But even before Toyota is able to launch the 2024 Alphard, an eagle-eyed photographer was able to take new pictures of the Alphard out in the wild.

LOOK: 2024 Toyota Alphard caught in the wild...again image

Thanks to the new images, we were able to get an even better look at the MPV out on public roads and even on a car carrier. Like the pictures seen before, the front fascia features a distinct grille with unique black and chrome inserts. We also noticed that it gets a pair of turn signals near the foglight bezels which add to the vehicle's unique look.

Around the back, the Alphard gets a massive tailgate that is complemented by a huge back glass. As before, the new LED taillights differ from the Lexus LM with their wing-like design and eye-catching finish.

LOOK: 2024 Toyota Alphard caught in the wild...again image

Depending on the variant, the Alphard may also be available with a plethora of wheel choices. Entry-level to mid-grade models might get a small and simple wheel design while top-of-the-line variants will come with more stylish (and bigger) alloys. Last but not least, electrified models could likely get 'hybrid' or 'HEV' badges on the tailgate.

With the all-new Toyota Alphard reportedly set to make its debut in Japan this June, we might only be just a few days away from its grand reveal. Perhaps the only question now is, will it be able to arrive in the Philippines this year or the next? Watch this space.