New bridge to and from Chinatown will open before Holy Week

In the last few years, the DPWH has been busy building and opening bridges in Metro Manila. This is actually a major component under the Metro Manila Logistics Network Program. The goal is simple: to decongest major routes, there really have to be new bridges built over Pasig River and give motorists more alternate routes to take.

One such bridge that is being prepared for its grand opening is one that connects the world's oldest Chinatown to the Walled City.

Yes, the Binondo-Intramuros bridge is being readied for its opening as the DPWH, now led by Secretary Roger G. Mercado, says that the bridge can be opened anytime between April 5 to 9. That also means the new bridge will be open in time for Holy Week; one of the country's most revered holidays.

Prior to the opening, the DPWH actually lit up the steel arch bridge. The design of the bridge is supposedly a symbol of the friendship between the Government of the Philippines and the People’s Republic of China as the latter funded the construction of the bridge. This will be the second major bridge project over the Pasig River with funding from the PRC; the first one was the Estrella Pantaleon bridge.

DPWH expects around 30,000 vehicles will use the new two-way four-lane Binondo-Intramuros Bridge on a daily basis. There is a sidewalk for pedestrians and joggers, and they will be protected by safety railings. The intent is to encourage people to use non-motorized means of transport.

The DPWH says that the crews will continue to work on the final finishing touches for the bridge to prepare it for use by the public.