Ford Motor Company has been on a roll recently. Just a few weeks ago, Ford launched the 2021 F-150. Featuring a bold new look, upgraded technologies, as well as a hybrid twin-turbo V6, Ford's best-selling pick-up truck is now cooler, sleeker, and more high-tech than ever.

Now, Ford is gearing up for another vehicle launch. But instead of another pick-up truck, the Blue Oval is set to launch the all-new Bronco. Aimed squarely against the likes of the Jeep Wrangler, the Bronco will be available in various body styles and has been billed by Ford as 'superior off-road vehicles'.

To give the public a taste of things to come, the automaker recently released a teaser photo showing the silhouettes of the upcoming Broncos. There will be a total of three body styles available for the 2020 Bronco – 2-Door, 4-Door, and Sport.

The 2-Door and the 4-Door versions are pretty straightforward and appear similar to one another. Both have a boxy shape and it looks like it will be available with either a removable soft-top or a hardtop. As for the Bronco Sport, it appears this particular variant takes on a more crossover-like appearance. It has a more rounded shape and looks to be geared towards more practical use.

Look out Wrangler: All-new Ford Bronco ready for the outdoors image

Now while we have yet to see the all-new Bronco in full, we did manage to see it via some leaked photos last March. Based on the grainy images we found four months ago, the 2-Door and 4-Door Broncos gets a retro-inspired design reminiscent of the Land Rover Defender.

Both will supposedly be available with all-terrain tires, off-road style alloy wheels, a bold front grille that shows the 'Bronco' name, a tailgate-mounted spare tire, and a set of flared wheel arches.

Look out Wrangler: All-new Ford Bronco ready for the outdoors image

As for the Bronco Sport, it too has a boxy shape, albeit more rounded at certain angles. And unlike the 2-Door and 4-Door Broncos, the Bronco Sport appears to be geared as a soft-roader rather than an off-roader outright.

Regardless, the Bronco Sport gets huge alloy wheels, a big 'Bronco' name on the front grille, heaps of black body cladding, and functional roof rails. Since it's supposedly based off the Escape, the Bronco Sport might be aimed at the likes of the Jeep Compass or Jeep Cherokee.

Look out Wrangler: All-new Ford Bronco ready for the outdoors image

Ford will officially unveil the 2020 Bronco on July 13, 2020, via an online stream that will be shown across various media channels. This is a result between Ford and Disney partnering up for the global reveal. With it, the 2020 Ford Bronco reveal launch will be broadcasted across ABC, ESPN, National Geographic, and Hulu.

With Ford giving a glimpse of the 2020 Bronco, the Jeep Wrangler better watch its back.