After months of seeing spy photos, patent images, and design renderings, Nissan has officially revealed the 2021 X-Terra. While it may be called the X-Terra when it was launched in the Middle East yesterday, we expect it to be called Terra once it arrives in Southeast Asia.

Sporting a new look inside and out, the X-Terra no longer resembles its pick-up truck brethren, the Navara. Instead, the midsize SUV now has its own look...or does it? Yes, it gets a sleeker front grille, redesigned quad-style headlights, as well as a new hood and fenders.

But doesn't the Terra now resemble its bigger brother, the Patrol? Just how close does the updated Terra resemble the flagship SUV in terms of looks?

Nissan Patrol Front image
Nissan X-Terra Front image

We've already said it before, but when we called the Terra 'Patrol Jr.' before, we were serious. Thanks to its new look, however, and the Terra now really looks like the Patrol. There are clear similarities with the grille, the quad-style headlights, the distinct foglight bezels, and even the corner air intakes. These all appear to be derivatives from the bigger SUV. Some might say the front grille looks slightly different, but at least Nissan took the time to actually to make it suit the X-Terra's looks.

The rear of the X-Terra also receives a set of its own changes. In particular, the wide LED taillights, and integrated skid plate at the back, give the X-Terra a macho appearance. The chunky fender flares, broad roofline, as well as neat metal trim pieces, provide the 2021 X-Terra a classier look to the SUV. Did we mention that the X-Terra and Patrol's side windows are also quite similar?

Nissan Patrol Rear image
Nissan X-Terra Rear image

It's still unclear how much of the X-Terra will translate to the updated Terra for Southeast Asia, but what we can be sure of is that the model is moving closer -at least in terms of family looks- with the much larger and far more luxurious Nissan flagship SUV.