Infiniti-Nissan has revealed the Synaptiq concept ahead of its debut at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show. The design development of the Synaptiq concept was spearheaded by the Filipino-Canadian designer Randy Rodriguez.

The Synaptiq concept previews the future of how we connect to automobiles. It features a Symbiotic User Interface Technology (S.U.I.T.) that connects the driver's thoughts to the vehicle through a spinal lock attachment. With this, the Synaptiq will be controlled solely by the driver's thoughts.

The Synaptiq's Infiniti User Interface (I.U.I.)

The driver is provided with necessary information through the Infiniti User Interface (I.U.I.), a floating holgraphic projection display. Infiniti says the I.U.I will enhance the “passion and performance of driving” and a design that will “provoke the human imagination.”

The Synaptiq concept

Moreover, the human-machine interface (HMI) system of the Synaptiq concept can transform the vehicle into three types: air, rally and circuit. The HMI system is the key component of the Synaptiq concept as it competes in a one-of-a-kind triathlon competion that features a Formula 1 inspired race from Los Angels to Las Vegas, followed by an off-road buggy desert race to the Grand Canyon and a gymkhana style jet race through virtual pylons back to Los Angeles. Yes, the Synaptiq concept can fly.

The Synaptiq concept in air mode

As a whole, the Synaptic is a high-tech concept car that previews the vision of Infiniti's HMI system. Furthermore, the Synaptic concept gives us a glimpse of the future.

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