2020 Lotus Exige 410 20th Anniversary special celebrates two decades of the Exige

Lotus is giving one of its longest-running nameplates a special edition model in celebration of its 20th birthday. This is the 2020 Exige Sport 410 20th Anniversary, a limited-run variant that pays homage to the original Series 1 Exige that debuted 20 years ago.

The two-door sports car gets an enhanced exterior that consists of front wings, a carbon fiber front splitter, as well as a tailgate and front access panel that area also made from the lightweight material. Part of the car's unique exterior appeal is the 20th Anniversary black silhouette logos that features a striking profile image of Series 1 Exige. It's visible on the front wings above the side repeaters, and on the rear bumper. Lotus even placed a distinct '20' logo on the rear wing end-plates for an added touch.

Lotus celebrates the Exige

A total of three exclusive colors are available for the special edition Exige Sport 410, and all are taken from the Series 1 Exige released two decades ago. These include Chrome Orange (as seen here), Laser Blue, and Calypso Red. Not a fan of the retro-inspired colors? There are three extra finishes available for buyers to choose from – Saffron Yellow, Motorsport Black, and Arctic Silver.

While it may seem like the interior relatively remains the same, Lotus also put some neat touches inside the limited Exige Sport 410. What was originally available as options, Lotus decided to put them as standard equipment. These include digital radio, Bluetooth, Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel, as well as cruise control.

Lotus celebrates the Exige

Serving as a reminder to would-be owners they're in something special are the unique seats. Embroidered on the backrests, as well as embossed on the dashboard is the '20th Anniversary' logo which is the same one found on the Exige Sport's exterior.

Under the hood, the special edition Exige Sport comes with a naturally-aspirated 3.5-liter V6 derived from Toyota. The six-cylinder generates a healthy 410 PS along with 420 Nm of torque. A close-ratio, six-speed manual gearbox serves as the sole transmission option for the Exige Sport 410 20th Anniversary. Other key upgrades present on the special edition sports car are Nitron three-way adjustable dampers, ultra-lightweight forged alloy wheels, and a full titanium exhaust system.

Lotus celebrates the Exige

“The Exige Sport 410 20th Anniversary builds on the Exige’s unrivaled levels of handling and performance. This special edition of one of our most acclaimed sports cars ever will continue the Lotus ethos of being born for the track and bred for the road,” said Ema Forster, Head of Product Marketing at Lotus.

The first few examples of the Lotus Exige Sport 410 20th Anniversary will be delivered to select customers in key markets around the world later this year.