Seven months ago, Lotus revealed their all-electric hypercar called the 'Evija' to the world. It has 2,000 PS, 1,700 Nm of torque, a top speed of over 340 km/h, and a claimed maximum range of 250 km. To prove that the Evija can do all that, Lotus demonstrated just how quick (and quiet) it was when they let it loose on a closed track back in November 2019.

Now, the Norwich-based automaker has announced that production of the limited-edition hypercar will soon begin. Set to commence this summer of 2020, the Lotus Evija is being readied for final prototype production at the company's new factory in Hethel, Norfolk, UK.

The new facility sits besides Lotus' 3.5-kilometer test track which has seen the likes of Ayrton Senna, Emerson Fittipaldi, and Jim Clark test the brand's Formula 1 cars. Soon though, it will serve as the proving ground of the all-electric Evija as drivers and testers are set to give all examples of the hypercar a proper shakedown.

Lotus is 100% ready to build the Evija EV hypercar image

“This is now the newest car production facility in the world, and to witness it move from the drawing board to reality has been deeply satisfying. It’s testament to the commitment of all involved, and is the perfect sleek and high-tech production home for the Evija at our iconic Hethel headquarters,” said Phil Popham, CEO of Lotus Cars.

Popham proudly unveiled the new hall to more than 1,400 Lotus employees, stating that the factory is ready and that they are ahead of the pack in the emerging EV hypercar segment. In addition, the CEO also mentioned that they are 100% ready for some healthy competition.

Lotus is 100% ready to build the Evija EV hypercar image

Over 20 specialist contractors, along with more than 50 experts on-site were involved in making the factory a reality. Work first began on the factory back in the summer of 2019. The interior has been fitted with gantries that frame the build stations.

According to Lotus, the gantries have been engineered to be sleek and unobtrusive, while still being robust enough to carry the necessary power, data, and compressed air systems required to assemble the Evija. Also present in the new factory are the overhead gantry crane, multiple vehicle lifts, and a wheel alignment ramp.

Lotus is 100% ready to build the Evija EV hypercar image

With the first year of production already allocated for customers around the world, all 130 units of the Evija will be hand-built in the coming months.