Yes, Lotus will continue making sports cars albeit electric

We already know that Lotus will soon shift to making electric vehicles (EVs). A few months ago, they launched their final sports car with an internal combustion engine (ICE), the Emira. More interestingly, the British marque has also announced plans to build electric crossovers. Tentatively called Type 132 and Type 134, the upcoming models will debut in the coming years.

Lotus reveals new lightweight chassis for electric sports cars image

Thankfully, their lightweight sports cars will still be around. Recently, Lotus revealed its new lightweight chassis that will underpin the company's upcoming electric sports cars. The new platform was developed through the company's Project LEVA (Lightweight Electric Vehicle Architecture), which will be integrated into Lotus' plans to make more EVs.

There will be a total of three layouts available for the upcoming electric sports car. All three will have a common lightweight, die-cast sub-frame with multiple interchangeable components. This means a single vehicle platform can accommodate two types of battery configurations.

Lotus reveals new lightweight chassis for electric sports cars image

The first two feature a two-seat layout with a mid-mounted “chest-type” battery pack. According to Lotus, this is ideal for sports car/hypercar applications that require a long (or short) wheelbase,  low ride height, and lower center of gravity. The short wheelbase version can be powered by a single electric motor that puts out 350 kW (or 475 PS), while the long-wheelbase layout can come with dual electric motors that produce 650 kW (or 883 PS) combined.

The other layout has a 2+2 configuration with a “slab-type” battery pack mounted to the floor. Also referred to as a 'skateboard power pack' layout, this is more suited for vehicles with a taller ride height and a taller overall profile. With the battery placed on the floor, Lotus says this setup can also accommodate single- or dual-motor setups.

Lotus reveals new lightweight chassis for electric sports cars image

The new platform will be essential in the development of an upcoming electric sports car, which Lotus plans to launch sometime in 2026. Depending on the application, Lotus also said that the maximum battery power for each layout will range between 66.4 kWh to 99.6 kWh.

Lotus may be saying goodbye to the internal combustion engine, but that doesn't mean they're saying goodbye to the sports car. Instead, they're reinventing it for the electric era.