“We have cleaned up and are moving ahead,” said Tan Sri Mohd Khamli Jamil, the managing director of DRB-HICOM last Thursday. This was in reference to addressing the financial issues concerning the brand Lotus after the Malaysian conglomerate took over the management of the British auto company. The management has already fired former CEO Dany Bahar in 2012 but his proposed Esprit supercar will continue unabated.

With a renewed direction for progress, there had been hopes of new models coming out. However, that was not the case in Lotus. Jamil reiterated that new variants of Lotus will be developed instead of coming up with new models. As a part of the new three-year revamp, these new variants will come with improved technology, performance, quality, and costing. He added that these will be based on the Evora, Exige, and Elise. Lotus already has launched a track car dubbed the 2013 Lotus Elise S Club Racer as a first of these expected variants.

As of last May, Lotus was able to sold 80 cars – 70 more than that of last year.

SOURCE: Motor Authority, Business Times