July 16 for Lotus, will be a momentous occassion to introduce a new car after 11 years. No, it won't be the much anticipated Lotus SUV nor will they be Brexiting. Instead, it's British marque's first-ever electric hypercar called the Type 130, and it will be built at the company headquarters in Hethel, Norfolk.

For now, there are not a lot of details to go on about the Type 130 aside from the teaser image and teaser video. What we do know is that only be 130 units of the Type 130 electric hypercar will be built globally. Furthermore, the automaker says that the upcoming model is said to represent the “number of Lotus ‘Types’ introduced during the brand’s 71-year history”.

If we are to base it off the short teaser video, we can see that the electric charging point will have a “Hand Built in Britain by Lotus” emblem on the side. The charging point also closes automatically, unlike those in most electric vehicles which are just 'popped' open. Lastly, the Lotus lettering is illuminated.

Lotus is known for building some of the most lightweight sports cars with excellent handling capabilities. However, electric vehicles are often considered heavy because of the batteries they need in order to function. The question now is whether the British marque can continue their build ethos of lightweight and good handling vehicles with the all-electric Type 130. With that in mind, we will likely have to wait and see once the Type 130 makes it world premiere next month.