One of the most anticipated models to have ever come from Lotus is the Evija, an all-electric hypercar introduced last year. The automaker claims that the limited-run Php 100+ million hypercar will soon be the most powerful electric vehicle in the world featuring 2,000 horsepower and 1,700 Nm of torque.

However, it seems the British marque is developing another vehicle as well; something fit for daily driving and could be the brand’s most affordable model yet. Most importantly, it is said to be the company’s last model to use an internal combustion engine without hybrid or electrified drive technology.

The news comes from AutoNews Europe, citing Lotus CEO Phil Popham. According to the report, the Lotus executive says that the model will be priced between 55,000 Pounds (Php 3.43 million) to 100,000 pounds (Php 6.25 million). 

Design-wise, the upcoming entry-level model will supposedly borrow some styling cues from the Evija. The new model is intended to have enough interior space to be practical for everyday use.

What we’re particularly interested in though is the engine. Older generation Lotus models generally used supercharged versions of Toyota-derived engines like the V6 found in the Camry or the 1.8-liter from the Celica. We're not quite sure what the engine for the all-new model will be, but we do expect Lotus to leverage the engine technology available from their parent: Geely. They could also use some engine technology from their step-sibling over in Sweden: Volvo.

Considering it could likely be the last combustion engine Lotus will ever produce, the engine in the upcoming model will likely be a special one and is probably in development already. 

As you can tell, there are not a lot of details to go on about the powertrain or the vehicle itself. However, speculation points to an unveiling either later this year or in early 2021. Considering that the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect the world, it is likely that the vehicle will be introduced next year.

Whatever the case, we will just have to wait once the yet-to-be-named 'entry-level' model debuts. One thing we will bet on though is that the name of the upcoming entry-level Lotus will probably start with the letter E.