It was only at last year's Geneva Motor Show did Honda reveal the all new Civic Type R. It was only a matter of time then until Mugen, Honda's in-house tuner, add their custom touches onto the sports hatchback. At the recently concluded Tokyo Auto Salon, Mugen premiered the RC20GT Civic Type R Concept, their take of a modified CTR.

Not much is known about the RC20GT mechanically or whether performance upgrades have been made. However it's exterior styling has taken a turn from it's factory design. It now sports a heavily revised front fascia with a new vented hood and an aggressively designed front bumper which features a CR-Z like grill. The rear bumper, on the other hand, features a sharp-edged design. The three-tiped exhaust has now been replaced for a single tipped unit.

Mugen adds custom touches to the Civic Type R

A larger and more aggressive wing replaces the factory unit and may likely deliver more downforce. Also present are the smaller side mirrors that are likely aimed at reducing drag. Mugen also replaced the factory wheels with their in-house 20-inch forged aluminum wheels. Hiding behind them are new monoblock brake calipers, replacing the Brembo units.

Inside, the RC20GT concept has a more racecar feel. There is a Formula 1 style steering wheel and only a central gauge, with most of the dashboard stripped of unnecessary buttons and features. A roll cage has also been installed together with Recaro bucket seats. Given that a rollcage was installed, the rear seats have also been deleted.

The car is then finished with Mugen livery attached to both sides of the vehicle. Whether or not Mugen's take on the Civic Type R is for better or worse, we leave that up to you.