Yesterday, Toyota Motor Corporation announced that they have suspended operations at the Takaoka I plant following an employee who has tested positive for the coronavirus. However, it will only be a temporary shutdown as it will resume production after March 25.

Come April though, Toyota will be halting production not just in the Takaoka I plant, but across other factories in Japan. Why? According to the automaker, they will have to suspend operations due to the current market situation, as well as the decline in demand overseas caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A total of seven production lines in five plants will temporarily cease operations beginning April 3. The suspension period will differ per plant and production line.

First up is the #1 production line of the Takaoka Plant which will stop building cars from April 3 to 7. This factory builds the JDM Corolla, the Auris, and IQ. Also set to stop production on the same date are the #1 and #2 production lines of the Tsutumi Plant. The factory builds models such as the Prius and the Camry.

The Tahara Plant, which mostly builds Lexus vehicles, Land Cruisers, and V6/V8 engines, will also be halting production. The #1 production line will stop operations from April 3 to 10, while the #3 production line will suspend production from April 3 to 14.

From April 3 to April 15, Toyota Motor Kyushu's #1 production line will stop production. This particular plant is known for building hybrid powertrains, various Lexus models, as well as the 2GR-FE engine.

Finally, Toyota Motor Corporation will also halt operations of the #1 production line of the Hino, Hamura Plant from April 3 to 6. The plant sees the production of the Toyota FJ Cruiser, as well as the Land Cruiser Prado.