If you need to visit the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) Central Office today, better do so on a different date. The central office of the LTFRB is temporarily closed today, June 29, for disinfection after one of its employees has tested positive for COVID-19.

According to a statement issued by the agency, rapid testing was conducted for its 313 employees, security, and maintenance personnel last week. However, results came back and showed that one employee tested positive. As a result, the central office has been temporarily closed. Coincidentally, the temporary closure comes on the day that UV Express services have been allowed to resume at limited capacity.

Due to the central office’s temporary closure, the LTFRB says a number of services will also be affected. The services affected are 24/7 Public Assistance Complaints Desk 1342; Inquiries on legal matters; New Application for CPC; Application for Extension of Validity; Petition for Dropping and Substitution of Units; Petition for Dropping of Units; Petition for Installation of Advertising Sign; Application for Consolidation of Cases; Petition for Change Venue of Registration; Petition for Adoption of Trade Name; Petition for Storage of Unit Plate; Petition for Upgrading/Downgrading of Units; Petition for Cancellation of Franchise; Petition for Withdrawal of Application; Petition for Adoption of Color Scheme; Application for Change of Party Applicant; Request for Garage and Unit Inspection; Surrender of Plates; Clearance of Account; Assessment of Fees; Re-Assessment of Fees; Releasing of Assessment of fees; Issuance of Special Permit; and Clearance and Releasing of Impounded Vehicles.

For those that need to immediately transact with the LTFRB, the agency urges the public to do so online. The following LTFRB services available online include: Request for Special Permit; Correction of Typographical Error; Request for Confirmation of Unit/s; Request for Franchise Verification; Request for Issuance or Extension Provisional Authority; and Legal Concerns/Query on Hearing Schedule, Status.

Despite the central office being temporarily closed, the LTFRB says other offices in the NCR remain open to customers.