After President Duterte’s statement that corruption still exists in various branches and levels of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and the Land Transportation Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB), Chairman Martin Delgra promptly announced measures to deal with errant employees.

The LTFRB is set to implement a nationwide reshuffling of employees and officials of the Board in order to rid it of dishonest methods in deeply ingrained their performance of day-to-day duties.

Delgra has indicated that the move will happen after the completion of consultations and meetings with all regional offices by next month.

An investigation is currently underway within the Board as Delgra complies with the President’s directive to eradicate corruption within the LTFRB.

Delgra issued a blanket warning to LTFRB employees involved in corrupt activities that no act will go unpunished after learning that even directors were linked with fixers inside and outside of the Board.

The confirmation of LTFRB-wide corruption came after Delgra asked employees and officials if what the President said about the Board was true and all he received as a response was silence.