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LTFRB exec: Next president should solve transport problems


Upgraded transport system can restore faith of people in government

The next president should have concrete plans to fix current mobility problems facing Filipinos, opined a transportation official from the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB).

This was echoed by LTFRB Board member Ariel Inton after people sought solutions to problems like vehicular traffic, road accidents and mass transportation from various presidential candidates during the campaign period.

"Majority voters take public transport. Even private car owners are affected by problems in our mass transport system because more people tend to take alternative modes of transport when they don’t have a choice," said Inton.


Prioritizing transport problems for the next president should be imperative in order to help restore the Filipinos’ faith in the government said Inton.

"This should be a first order of business of the next administration--how to immediately implement solutions to transport problems. It should be among the first in his agenda," added Inton.

Fixing mass transport problems alleviates the daily difficulties of commuters and may also help ease vehicular traffic congestion.

"I believe that if mass transport woes are alleviated, this will also favor businesses because this would be an advantage on the economy’s overall impact," said Inton.

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