Incidents of female passengers getting dizzy after a substance in aerosol form is released through the air-conditioning system have reached the attention of LTFRB Chairman Winston Ginez.

After the women lose consciousness, they’re either robbed, taken advantage of or worse, both.

The LTFRB is also looking out for taxi drivers who will take advantage of the Christmas season and the shopper’s frenzy by picking and choosing only commuters who are willing to pay a predetermined fixed fare instead of a meter-based trip.

Bus franchises also have made the headlines the last week, for all the wrong things.  Just this month, an Alps bus killed a motorcycle driver and injured 15 others while executing a dangerous overtaking maneuver at considerable speed in Batangas.  The driver and conductor took flight and are still missing.  On the other hand, 30-day suspension have been meted to a number of buses from Superlines, Bicol Isarog and BLTB Co., could be more pending investigation results, for being part of an accident in Atimonan, Quezon that killed 20 people and injured 57 others.