With more cyclists, e-bikes, and personal transportation devices plying the streets these days, motorists are constantly reminded to share the road. However, it seems that the LTFRB (Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board) reckons reminders are not enough for PUV (public utility vehicle) drivers. With that, the agency has released a memorandum reminding PUV drivers there will be fines for not sharing the road.

Per Memorandum Circular No. 2021-42, PUVs must prioritize (or give way to) active transport (AT), light mobility vehicle (LMV), and personal mobility device (PMD) users on public thoroughfares. The LTFRB says it is necessary to issue these guidelines for the safety of more vulnerable road users.

Under the new memo, PUV drivers have six more rules to follow to keep everyone safe.

LTFRB reminds PUV drivers to share the road...or else image

First, all AT, PMD, and LMV users take priority on the road. They must give way to them and signal early around them as well. Second, PUVs should never block bike lanes and pedestrian lanes as these must be clear for vulnerable road users and foot traffic. Third, a PUV must be at least one meter away when overtaking these devices and vehicles.

Other rules they must observe? PUV drivers must open doors with care to avoid instances of other road users slamming into the vehicle's doors. The drivers are also urged to check their blind spots at all times. Last but not least, PUVs must not block “bike boxes” or stopping zones for cyclists.

As for the penalties, these all fall under JAO No. 2014-01 from the LTO-LTFRB. Violating any of the rules mentioned will net a PHP 1,000 fine.

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