The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) is keeping its ear to the ground with several measures implemented last week to address transport group complaints and also continue reducing the ‘colorum’ vehicles on the roads of Metro Manila.

Issuance of franchises for transport network vehicle services (TNVS) has been put on hold by the LTFRB, indefinitely.

This has been made official by the Department Order (DO) signed by LTFRB Chairman Martin Delgra to allow the Board to review current policies in light of the issues that have cropped up against it.

"Pending review of existing policies and other relevant and pressing issues regarding the issuance of franchise of TNVS, the Board hereby orders the suspension of the acceptance of all TNVS applications proposing to ply on the route within Metro Manila or entering Metro Manila,” the DO stated.

This means that all pending and future application for a franchise under Uber, Grab, U-Hop and various other online transport systems shall be put on hold until after the Board reviews, makes changes - if any and finalizes the guidelines and policies involving units under the TNVS.

“The Technical Division is directed not to accept any TNVS application upon effectivity of this circular,” the DO added.

Meanwhile, the Board has also started updating its inventory of public utility buses (PUBs) to continue its effort in reducing the number of out-of-line units plying the roads of Metro Manila.

The inventory will happen for four weekends beginning last weekend at Green Meadows Avenue, EDSA from 5:30AM until past 12NN on Saturday and Sunday.

250 PUBs and their franchises were inventoried.

“An inventory is needed to know how many city buses ply EDSA. This is also a move to eradicate colorum,” said LTFRB board member Atty. Ariel Inton.

After being inventories, a PUB will get a fool-proof sticker on the right side of the windshield.

“This is so that they will have a distinguishing mark. If a bus has been inventoried, it means that the bus is okay to ply EDSA,” Inton added.