If you feel like EDSA is a terrible mess, it looks like it might get just a tad worse, albeit only in some parts, after reports have surfaced that the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) is on the verge of reaching a ‘compromise’ with transport groups.

As reported by GMANews Online, the LTFRB will soon allow UV Express units back on limited portions of EDSA as long as certain cases versus the Board are withdrawn by the transport groups.

In a public forum on Monday, LTFRB Chairman Martin Delgra along with Jun Magno of the Stop & Go Transport Coalition and Elvira Medina of the National Council for Commuters Protection (NCCP) have reached a compromise that seems to favor both parties.

"In the compromise, sabi nila [they said] they will withdraw their case. And on the side of the LTFRB, they will allow some routes to pass a limited stretch of EDSA to be able to get to their point in Makati," said Department of Transportation (DOTr) Spokesperson, Cherie Mercado.

Coming from the south, UV Express units will be allowed on the short section of EDSA from Magallanes just to get to Park Square in Makati.

UV Express units from the north may take the section of EDSA that will lead them directly to Trinoma and North EDSA but can only unload passengers midway in Muñoz, Quezon City.

Travelling from the east by way of Pasig and Marikina, UV Express units headed to their terminal in Makati may use the short stretch of EDSA from Buendia to Ayala Avenue, while units coming from Fairview will also be allowed to use parts of EDSA.

"On or before Friday, the LTFRB is set to come out with an amendment to the existing MC (memorandum circular) that came out and the other side is expected to come out with a draft to dismiss the case," added Mercado.

It will be remembered that on August 1, 2016, the LTFRB started the ban that prohibited UV Express units from plying any part of EDSA.

This prompted various transports groups to air their grievances to the LTFRB indicating that taking EDSA away forces them to use longer routes, which uses up more of their time and increases their fuel expenses as well.

Source: GMANews Online