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LTFRB to launch app for commuter complaints


Commuters may soon send grievances to LTFRB via app

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) looks to be making good on their promise to continue to seek ways to integrate information technology in every aspect of their service.

After approving Uber and other online transport services, the Board is set to launch a smartphone app that will allow commuters to send complaints against abusive drivers, with photos and videos, directly to the LTFRB’s servers.

Called ‘Safe Ride,’ it allows a commuter to take a photo or video of a bus driving recklessly or a taxi driver who has turned down a ride and send it directly to the contact center of the LTFRB.


It also comes with a ‘panic button’ that is colored red. When pressed for three straight seconds, even if the phone is locked, the button will turn green and the smartphone will send an SOS message –including your location and a time stamp – to a preset number. 

“Our original design was only for taking photos. But according to the LTFRB, if they can take a short video clip, especially of taxi drivers who refuse to accept passengers, it will accept the clip as electronic evidence,” said Rodolfo ‘Jun’ Lozada, president of Galileo Software Services Inc., also the company behind the Highway Patrol Group (HPG) app ‘PARAK.’

The app also comes with emergency hotline numbers of the police, fire stations, hospitals and even a real-time rundown of road obstructions.

‘Safe Ride’ will be available by late November according to LFTRB Chairman Winston Ginez.


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