LTO says both 10-year and 5-year DL holders will need to undergo PMEs

With the Land Transportation Office (LTO) now offering driver's licenses (DL) that are valid for 10 years, motorists without pending violations can now reap the benefits of it.

But there is still the issue regarding the medical evaluation of drivers that have a 10-year valid license. In August, medical experts voiced their concerns about the issuance of such licenses. According to them, a lot can change in a driver's physical and mental aspects within the next decade.

As such, the agency has taken those issues into account and will require drivers with 10-year licenses to undergo periodic medical exams (PME).

Aside from the required medical examination upon renewal, the LTO says those with 10-year licenses will need to take a PME on the 4th year of having a 10-year valid DL. Drivers will then be required to take another PME on the 7th year and again on the 10th year, should the driver wish to renew their DL.

LTO: Those with 10-year DLs need to take medical exams on 4th, 7th, 10th year image

It's not just 10-year DL holders that will have to take constant medical examinations. Even drivers issued with a 5-year DL will also need to take a PME on their 3rd year. Similarly, the medical exam will see if they are still fit both physically and mentally behind the wheel.

But what about drivers that are already in their senior years? For now, the LTO has yet to issue any age bracket that bars senior drivers from acquiring a 10-year DL. Medical experts, however, said that the agency should consider putting an age limit instead of making it available to everyone.

What do you think about the LTO requiring 10-year license holders to undergo a PME every few years? Will it actually help the agency keep drivers in check, or will it just be added expense and extra hassle for drivers? Share your comments below.