There are quite a few who dismiss the value of the implementation of various biometric measures as another mere hurdle to get past in getting things like a passport or a license. Well, after our conversation with the Land Transportation Office's Executive Director, Atty. Romeo Vera Cruz, it appears that the biometrics of the LTO are actually working.

According to the LTO's ED, they have apprehended over 100 drivers who have applied for multiple driver's licenses with the agency. LTO was able to apprehend these individuals because of the data acquired from the fingerprints for the biometrics system of the LTO's German IT service provider.

The erring drivers were flagged while attempting to renew their licenses cards to the newer polycarbonate cards with the 5-year validity period. The applications were blocked by the new security features of the system.

There were also subsequent new applications for new licenses with false identities that were also blocked by the system.

The Executive Director didn't elaborate as to the reasons or specifics behind the multiple licenses owned by these 100+ individuals, though he did say there are very stiff penalties for these kinds of violations.

The drivers who were in possession or applying for multiple licenses had such licenses canceled and suspended from acquiring licenses for up to two years. On top of those, they also face criminal charges.