Three-month registration extension for those with plates ending in 5 – LTO

For the past couple of months, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has been extending the validity of vehicle registrations. Those who are due for renewal for a certain month usually get a one or two month extension because of the current situation.

Now that we're in May, those with license plates ending in 5 are due for renewal. Thankfully, the LTO released new deadlines for those with that license plate. The agency was generous enough to give a lengthy three-month extension. That means you have until August before the penalties kick in.

This is the schedule listed by the LTO for reference:

Those with plates ending in 5 have until August to renew registration image

This doesn't mean you should head to the LTO office at the last minute for renewal. The agency is encouraging motorists to get it done as soon as possible. Of course, you shouldn't force yourself to do that if the office gets a little too crowded. The reason why the schedule is spread out is to prevent the transmission of the virus.

There are those (understandably) apprehensive about going to a government office or even going out of their homes at the moment. However, the LTO would like to reassure the public that their offices strictly implement the observance of social distancing and other health and sanitary protocols.