To address the issues of vehicle license plate delays, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is implementing a new automatic assignment of alphanumeric combinations for registrations September 1, 2013 onwards. The directive was put in place at the LTO Regional Directors Conference for the 'Plate Standardization Program' last July 18-19, 2013 to address the issue of license plate issuance delays.

The advisory also means requests for end digits in plates will no longer be allowed, the agency gives brand new vehicle owners an option to apply for 'special plates' under the Optional Motor Vehicle Special Plate (OMVSP) program. The program was put in place nearly ten years ago as the agency’s measure to curb corruption and raise funds by collecting fees for customized license plate combinations requested by brand new car registrants. Prior to the official program, registrants paid 'special fees' unofficially through liaison officers for the processing of such requirements. The OMVSP program also added the option for have three alphabetic and 2 numeric combinations.

As stated on the OMVSP program, the fee schedules are:

3 alpha and 3 numeric combinations (AAA-123) - PhP 15,000/pair

3 alpha and 2 numeric combinations (AAA-11) - PhP 25,000/pair

LTO January 28 memo

The agency further went to reassure public that license plates covering private motor vehicles registered until to December 31, 2013 have been distributed to their district offices nationwide in a public advisory notice published in newspapers yesterday. This is a follow-up to the  October 10 advisory covering vehicles registered through August 30, 2013.

A registered vehicle should be issued an 'MV File Number', which would be verified at the corresponding LTO office where a plate should be issued. Should the registrant be denied issuance of plates by agency employees, the advisory says to "let us (LTO) know so that we may pursue proper administrative action against them."

F plate combination

Current plate combinations issued to new cars in Metro Manila start with a 'F' alpha numeric combination which is assigned to Central Visayas covered by LTO Regional Office No. 8 in Tacloban City which was hit by Typhoon Yolanda November of last year.

The LTO has yet to issue any update as to the progress of the 'Plate Standardization Program' issued in July of 2013, which has been stalled indefinitely due to administrative technicalities the agency's parent department (Department of Transportation and Communications) has yet to address. The original schedule for release of new series license plates was scheduled for September 1, 2013.