The Land Transportation Office is in the process of consulting the public and amending certain policies of driver's licenses as part of their 'Reform Measures in the Issuance of Driver's License.'

Simultaneous sessions were done recently in Quezon City, Pampanga and Cagayan de Oro in order to review revised rules the LTO is proposing.

Among the proposals are more stringent measures in filing an application for a driver's license, which includes presenting a Philippine Statistics Authority authenticated birth certificate and raising the minimum age requirement from 16 to 17 years old.

The LTO also suggests that applicants for non-professional driver's license will skip the lecture phase of the application and instead take the written exam and will be informed of the results immediately.

Written exams will be tailor-fit by the LTO to the vehicle the applicant wishes to drive after passing the exam.

Fail the written exam the first time and applicants will be barred from retaking the test for the next 30 days. Fail twice within one year and the applicant will be prevented from taking the exam for one year.

The agency is also looking at extending the validity of non-professional driver's licenses to five years for motorists who have not been involved in any traffic violation during the three years the license was valid.